Whats in an Ecig Starter Kit

Every Manufacturer is different but when you buy or get a free electronic cigarette starter kit you can expect certain things to be in there. Though you may not get everything that’s listed here you will get enough to get you vaping.

If you’re looking into getting an ecig starter kit you may wonder about what comes in it.

The following is a list of some of the things you may be able to expect when you get your electronic cigarette starter kit.

An Electronic Cigarette Battery. This may be a small or a large battery depending on the brand and style.

A wall charger to keep your e cig battery completely full.

A PCC – Personal Charging Case. A way to keep your electronic cigarette charged up on the go.

USB Charger – to charge up when you’re at your computer

Car Charger to charge in the car

Pack of cartridges. Some offer a variety pack or you can choose the flavor and strength.

The Atomizer to runs off the battery and vaporizes the liquid in the cartridge.

And of course an Owners Manual.

E Cigs Free Trial

Claiming a e cigs free trial will only cost you $9.99.  That is right.  E Cigarette companies are allow people to try out their e cig starter kit for a limited time at no charge.  All you have to do is pay for the shipping and handling cost.

Here is what one of these free e cig starter kit looks like.


As you can see, this kit comes with one battery, on e cig, five nicotine cartomizer, a wall charger and a usb charger, and a plastic carrying case.  Please note that the plastic case is not a portable charging case but is just used to hold your e cigarette and cartridges.  It’s nice to have a regular cigarette size case to carry all your e cigarette smoking parts together.

So this is what they send you for the $9.99 fee.  You get to try out their product on a trial basis.  After the trial period (14 days) if you don’t like it you need to tell them and return it.

If you notify them before the 14 days are over and send it back to them then there are no further obligations.

If you don’t return it then naturally they are going to charge you for the kit.

Its not a bad way to get to try out these hot e cigs for a nominal cost of only $9.99.

So if you want to claim one of these e cigs free trials, then just click here to go to their site.

Once there, they will ask for a valid email address, your shipping address (to deliver the kit) and your credit card to charge you the $9.99 and that is it.

Information for Free E Cigs

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